Restaurants are paramount for the industry and our Islands, and they need our help RIGHT NOW. We’ve formed a core group that has already started to put a plan together to do just that. The Dining Bonds Initiative is basically selling an “investment” in participating restaurants. Purchasers pay $75 now and at a date in the future, they can redeem it for $100 of food, beverage, merchandise or any combination of those. The Dining Bonds are sold through our E-commerce store or website. The Dining Bonds are sold through our E-commerce store or website. 

To visit the Dining Bonds Initiative click here, or go straight to our store to buy your bond!


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1295 Front Street, Lahaina 96761, Hawaii.

(808) 667-9390

Monday - Saturday
Lunch - 11am to 3pm
Happy Hour - 3pm to 4:30pm 
Dinner - 4:30pm until 8:00pm

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